Proteored Multicentric Experiment 11 Phosphoproteomics ProteoRed

ProteoRed - Instituto Nacional de Proteómica Jul 22nd, 2018 

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University of Geneva
Ghent University
University of Southern Denmark
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
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Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jean-Charles Sanchez
University of Geneva
He has contributed in the development of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and related procedures and their application in biomedical research.

Dr. Joël Vandekerckhove
Ghent University
Prof. Vandekerckhove's main research activity consists in developing novel technologies based upon mass spectrometry in proteome research.

Dr. Peter Roepstorff
University of Southern Denmark
His research focuses on the development and application of sensitive and specific methods for protein identification and microcharacterization. Analytical tools are mass spectrometry, chromatography, and bioinformatics.

Dr. Pierre-Alain Binz
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
He is now senior scientist in the Proteome Informatics group of Prof. Ron Appel at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB).

Dr. Garry Corthals
Turku Center for Biotechnology
Focused on development of technologies for rapid and sensitive protein analysis to discover new diagnostic markers for disease and to elucidate cellular processes that direct physiological behavior. Quantitative proteomics.

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